Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Show Off

Okay, I wanted to show off my Antiqued Family canvas. Here it is in it's permanent home; my mom's house. Look at how adorable her vignette is! The 2 little cup things with straws coming out are from Argentina. They are some kind of cup that the Argentine people drink tea out of. My little brother just got back from a 2 year LDS mission there. For those who don't know, we haven't seen him in two whole years, we only get a weekly email from him and can only hear his voice over the telephone twice a year. 
Anyway, The wreath she has so great, and Springy, I am also a wee bit jealous of her awesome wainscoting.  (My dad made it!)

Everyone keeps showing pictures of their beautiful Spring flowers, and everything looks so lovely. This is what Utah still looks like. Every day. I can't wait for the 68 degree weather expected this weekend, maybe that will help some flowers start, or at least this tree outside my house. I miss green. I want some budding something to bring into my house. Here's hoping that Spring will soon reach us here in Utah.

1 comment:

Stefanie Thomson said...

Me love it Erin soooo much! Thanks for making it for me I really love what it has done for my shelf! Love, Mom

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