Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Talented Dad

My dad is awesome. He was always DIY'ing around our house growing up. He taught us (my brother, sister and I) how to work hard, and enjoy working hard. Our beds were always handmade. Our home was practically built by him, and he always made use the coolest furniture pieces. He made this tool bench for my little J-man. Complete with drawing station, pegboard, and extra storage. Jude just loves his tool bench, and has to show it to all of his friends when they come over.
I just wanted to publicly thank my father. I look up to him so much, and am truly blessed to be his daughter. Thanks for ALL you have done, and continue to do for me, and my family. Love ya, Dad!

Tool storage, just like a real workshop.

Drawing station, complete with lots
of butcher paper for Jude's creative
little guy mind.

The main surface is a re-purposed butcher
block cutting board that I believe was
my Grandmother's.

The MUCH needed storage!

Aren't fathers (and grandfathers) the greatest?
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Tyla said...

My little boy would LOVE this. You certainly have a sweet dad. Thanks for sharing.

Jacqueline said...

This is so adorable...I need make something like this for my son who just turn 7 and received a real tool set for a present. Your dad is talented!

AntiqueChase said...

So awesome!!!

Stefanie Thomson said...

Such a sweet tribute to your dad! Love you,


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