Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage-Inspired Art

Hey all! I finally got the canvases done! WHEW! Who knew that having an extra kid around would really impede my crafting? Anywho, I bought two packs of canvases from Hobby Lobby that came with 2 canvases. I also used a %40 off coupon. The 2 pack canvases are $8 but with the coupon and 2 packs I spent around $12 for 4. Not a bad deal, if you ask me. My idea was to make vintage-y looking flash cards. I did a car, truck and airplane. 
So, I found a few images from the internet that were perfect: A car and truck from the 1930's, and an airplane that is from... a long time ago. I taped the printed out image onto the back of the canvas and held it up to the light. If I thought that the image wasn't big enough, I just enlarged it by eye-balling it. 

I am a texture fiend so of course I had to take a close
up of the canvas' texture.

Here they are!

I have been trying to figure out which is my favorite, but
there are just so many things about each one that I love.

Well, there you have it; my vintage-inspired DIY very cheap canvases. Every time Jman walks into his room, he loves to point out the plane, car and truck. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 
What art projects have you done for your house?

Edited to add: I am linking up to this party Chic on a Shoestring, Freckled Laundry, and Common Ground's Vintage inspiration, Jennifer Rizzo


Michele said...

Erin I love it! Is that the same wall color, it looks darker? Way to go you, you're fabulous.

shermt said...

Jude will know a, c, and t really well.

Erin said...

Thanks! Michele, yes, it's the same color, it's a really dark blue anyway. Grandpa; I hope that he will learn the other ones too. But I thought these would be a good start haha

Erin said...

Actually, airplanes, cars, and trucks are the trifecta for Jude. He just adores each of those so much.

Stefanie Thomson said...

Erin WOW! I love them they turned out adorable! I'll bet Jude loves having his fav's hanging up in his room!

Deneen said...

This is adorable! Good idea!

Abby said...

Love these! So cute!

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