Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh the Wonders

I had the "I-Seriously-Have-To-Go-Antiquing" bug yesterday. My husband and son accompanied me to a little shop here locally, called "Nook and Cranny". It's a small and cramped little building, filled with lots of neat little trinkets most with that wonderful patina that comes from being a piece that was well loved and used. 
My favorite piece was only part of the actual piece. This large wagon wheel that had been painted red, then white. The part that I liked adored was the middle of the wheel, where the wood had rotted away from it's metal casing, and you could see the wonderful red underneath.

I fell in love with this barn door. If I
had an extra $120 to spend, I would
make it into a headboard!

The wagon wheel, too bad I don't have a yard for it.

My grandmother has dishes exactly like these.
Seeing these made me think of her!

I know I could use this somewhere...
Ah! My laundry room. Too bad I
didn't think of it then.

I am NOT an impulse buyer, before I do any decorating, buying, even buying groceries, I have a lot of serious thinking to do. I just don't want to end up not using, food spoiling, or any kind of buyers remorse. Now I am having "Non-Buyer's Remorse" for not getting that washboard.


Michele said...

Cute stuff! You have such an artistic eye. I washed my clothes on a wash board a bunch on my mission. It was loads of fun.

Stefanie Thomson said...

Erin truly LOVE this post I will show your grandmother she will LOVE IT as well.

Erin said...

Thanks Michele! I'll bet that's an experience you'll never forget. I hope Grandma loves it I am always tempted to buy those dishes for her to add to her collection.

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