Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Antiqued" Family

Hey all! I am really excited to post this project. I spent a bit of time doing it, but it is totally worth it. I am giving it to my mother, who is a wonderful woman, and she inspired me to be the person I am today. {And I am really great.}
    This is the end product, go through 

           all of the pictures to get the know-how 
to make this beautiful artwork (on the cheap!) for your house!

First, get a canvas. I got mine at Hobby Lobby (hereafter
knows as Hobbs) I got 2 canvases for $8 with coupon.
Then tear out pages from the phone book, and line them
up like so. We don't want any blank canvas showing
through. I put the straight edges on the outside so I
wouldn't have to fold them in.

Use Mod Podge to glue it down.

Love the texture. I ripped up extra pages and placed them
over the seams so you wouldn't see straight edges in
the middle of the canvas.

Fold corners like you would a present. We want it
to look pretty.
Paint the phone book pages the color you want your
words to be. I chose black, obviously.

Cut out your vinyl and place it to your liking. If you
don't use vinyl, you can make a stencil out of cardstock.
You would just do different steps than what I did.

After you've placed your vinyl, paint over the whole thing,
vinyl and all. This color will be the main color you want.

After the paint dries, peel off the vinyl letters.

There may be some areas where the black comes off.
This is okay, just go through with a paintbrush to
touch up the areas that came off. Remember though,
this is supposed to look old, so you don't have to
do every part that came off. Unless you don't want the
letters to look old.

Sand it for some extra antiquing.

I added some more paint to the corners and a bit
throughout the middle to give it a more aged look.

And voile! Your finished project looks
beautifully antiqued.
These words all mean family in another language. I don't remember all that I got, but there is French, Spanish, Italian, Irish, and a few others I can't pronounce. I just used Google Translate, and found the words that fit. There were a lot of different languages that used the same spelling though. 
The total cost of this project for me was $6! Can't beat that. 
Have you made any art projects? What have you done?

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Stefanie Thomson said...

Erin, love, love, love, LOVE THIS!!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment about your mother! You are such a talented woman!!

Sandy said...


Olive Cooper said...

Very clever and beautiful!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I adore your personalized artwork!

I am currently hosting an auction of vintage and antique linen treasures. Stop by and take a peek.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lesley said...

Found your link on Miss Mustard Seed. So glad too. This project is something I will sooooooo take with me to do! Thanks!

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